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Excalibur means options. It means giving parents control of their children’s education. It means providing children with an education that best suits their individual needs.

Homeschooling or non-traditional schooling allows parents to employ a number of methods. There are literally hundreds of homeschooling-specific curricula available, some computer-based, some print-based, and there's always ad hoc curriculum created by the parent. Since every student is an individual with his/her own unique learning style. The beauty of homeschooling is that parents can experiment, mix and match methods and curricula until the most optimum approach is found for each individual child. No more are students locked in to a “one size fits all” method of educating that is designed either for the masses.

With individual attention lavished by loving parent, children tend to thrive rather than languish if their temperaments, health, or mental equipment can’t keep pace with the steady march of the classroom. With less time devoted to getting to and from a school building, changing classes and taking role, waiting for the slower students to catch up, etc., students have much more time to pursue individual interests and career goals.

Homeschool students have more time to practice musical instruments, develop athletic skills, develop technical abilities, ad infinitum. Some have entered professions and advanced technical schools because of many dedicated hours during high school that would not have been available at a traditional school. Many have graduated high school with enough college credits to be classified as sophomores, juniors or seniors. Some have even graduated from college in the same month as their high school graduation.

Non-traditional schooling is not yet the norm but many families with a pioneering spirit have set out on their own to find a better life and a better education for their children. The vast majority are finding it well worth the trip.

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