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Legal covering. Membership provides families the legal covering required by Alabama Law to pursue the alternative known as homeschooling and provides for transcripts, diploma, and a graduation ceremony.

Furthermore, Full Membership includes membership in Excalibur’s ever-expanding volunteer organized support group.  Sometimes known as Campus-Based Membership, it offers all the benefits of activities, field trips, coops, classes, and many other opportunities within the context of a loving network of homeschooling families.

This can include the following depending on our volunteers: 

Field Trips 

Ice Skating Party 

Stanford or Iowa Achievement testing 

Math Team 

Beta Club 

Mom’s support meetings 


Science Olympiad 

Junior/Senior Banquet 

Oratorical Society 


We currently have a co-op available for elementary students (this does fill up quickly each year). 

We also offer middle school classes (this functions within STEM and will require payment of their fees). 

High School:  

Excalibur’s academic requirements are based on state law which is a minimum of 24 credit hours for graduation. However, we encourage students to gain additional credits through special interests, sports, Biblical worldview, debate etc… to have a well-rounded education. 

We offer one on one meetings with parents and students to help them create a transcript that reflects what is required as well as how to create credits from their specialized interests. 

We also help you with all the paperwork for dual-enrollment if you would like to participate in that option.  

We provide the school enrollment form for students when they are taking their driver’s permit test. We create a transcript for our students and provide official copies to colleges and universities. All our graduating seniors will receive an official diploma. 

We offer a graduation ceremony for our high school students, students must have been enrolled in Excalibur for their junior and senior year to participate in the ceremony unless approved by our board. (Exceptions can be made for those who are new to the area or have just recently started homeschooling).  



Your responsibility

Admission to Excalibur Christian School is dependent upon agreement and compliance with all policies. Some apply only to support group activities, for example, “Field Trips” and “Conduct”. 

Two documents must be signed in our presence or in the presence of a Notary Public.  One of these documents will differ depending upon the Membership type.

1. Agreement document.

2. Parental Compliance document. This document insures that all custodial parents are in agreement. This is found under the “legal” sub menu. 

Since these forms must be signed in our presence or in the presence of a Notary Public, we will normally provide them when you come to your appointment. Please do not print them out and sign them without specific directions to do so from Excalibur.



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