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Field Trip Etiquette

  1. Be above reproach. If we are to be a light to the world, we need to behave with promptness, courtesy, attentiveness, respectfulness and gratefulness. This not only reflects well on the Lord, but also encourages the tour giver to welcome the Christian homeschool community.
  2. Take your RSVP commitment seriously. Ask yourself if this is something you really want to do before you sign up or the morning of the field trip.
  3. Some field trips you must pre-pay.  Be aware that there may be no refunds.  Your money will be given to the establishment or speaker as planned even if you do not attend.  However, you can find another Excalibur member who wants to take your place (and reimburse you).  Check with the activity coordinator and see if there is a waiting list of families who want to attend (but there wasn't room).
  4. Participants should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to activity start time.  Please make every effort to be prompt
  5. Students should always be responsive and obedient
  6. Students should stay with their family groups or designated adult.
  7. Touch only when permitted
  8. Students should keep quiet when guide is talking (so should moms—we provide Mom’s Support Night for moms’ talk time! This can be a real problem when moms are talking in the background distracting the group and guide.)
  9. Raise hands and be called on before you ask your question
  10. No gum or candy
  11. Clothes should be clean, neat, modest (check Excalibur’s dress code policy)
  12. No offensive advertising on shirts (if you need to know what is offensive, check with the Bonds)
  13. No torn clothes (if you need real assistance in this area let the Bonds know, we will get you clothes)


More you can do:

  • Talk to your children about appropriate behavior so they know what is expected
  • Have bathroom stop before tour begins.
  • Be sure to call the field trip organizer as soon as you become aware that you cannot make the field trip (due to illness or emergency)
  • If lunch or snacks are involved, pick up your trash and put it in the trash can. Clean up after yourselves. Be conscientious about rules that do not permit food on the field trip site. Honor them.
  • Honor all rules that the field trip site may have.
  • Be alert to the noise level or distractions your baby and smaller children may be creating. Take them to the back of the group (and put someone in charge of your other children) or leave the site area. Make sure when you sign up for a field trip it is of interest to your children and is age appropriate.

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