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Application Fee (one time fee) 


Membership without high school student (yearly per/family) 


Membership with high school student (yearly per/family) 


Online curriculum-optional (per credit) * 


Graduation Fee ** (all seniors) 


* Certain elective courses may incur greater or lesser fees depending upon the amount of course  material involved. The range is $175 for a half-year course to $350 for a full year course. Online  courses are available to all 3rd grade students and above and are generally required for all newly  entering 8th through 12th grade students who have little or no previous home-school experience.  Most high school students will pursue 5-7 credits per year but Excalibur may not require that all  these credits be taken online. The average student will only purse 3-5 courses online. 


* * All seniors will pay a $40.00 fee in the fall of their senior year. Those that participate in the  graduation ceremony will have an additional fee of approximately $175.00 that covers the cost of  the ceremony and reception.


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